Privately Held Small Food Manufacturer had done well in the first 5 years of operation however felt their future growth was constrained by both plant and equipment issues.  Working 3 shifts, 6 days a week was creating stress on both personnel and equipment.  The CEO wanted to find a method that would allow him to make decisions on prioritized initiatives that would keep the company on a path to sustained high performance for the next ten years.


Implemented Company – Wide One Page Strategy™ Process.   This was done in two stages.  The first was a Visioning Approach which helped to define the Business Model, Long Term Goals, Operating Strategies and Action Plans for achieving them.  The Visioning Plan was updated on an annual basis.  The second was an Integrated Business Plan with a 12 – 18 month time horizon defining the Operating Strategies and Action Items necessary to accomplish their short term goals.  Separate Functional Area Plans (supportive of and complementary to the Corporate Plan) were developed using the same process that provided the roadmap for achieving their individual area plans. The critical information in each Plan was distilled to a one page presentation that could easily be framed and placed in strategic locations throughout the facility. Monthly and Quarterly Reviews of the Integrated Business Plan assure currency and incorporate any new activities to replace those that have been completed.


The One Page Strategy Process™ continues to provide a roadmap for both long term growth and short term operational success.  Growing to three plants and diversifying both products and customer segments, the organization has enjoyed double digit growth over each of the last 12 years.  The OPS has allowed the organization to visualize areas for prioritization as well as help identify new areas for improvement.  It also provides bi-directional communications throughout all facilities keeping all employees engaged and informed about company goals and the role they play in helping achieve them.