Organizational evolution through the various life cycle stages often require revolutionary changes in the business to assure successful transitions and marketplace sustainability.  This is especially true when moving from “Teenager” to “Young Adult” setting the stage for long term success.  Well-defined organizational structures establish the roles and norms that enable companies to get things done.  A mid-sized food manufacturing company needed to find a mechanism for evaluation / standardization of processes, determining the most effective management structure, professionalizing the organization and solidly position for the next


Developed and implemented a “White Sheet” Organizational Design Program.  Developed and validated Process Flows, Cross-Functional Position Activities / Relationships, RACI Spreadsheets assuring alignment with Job Descriptions and SOPs, Training and Implementation Plan as well as foundation for Continuous Improvement.  This included Incumbent Ranking Analysis around each job function as an aid in Fit, GAP Analysis and training prioritization.


Eliminated any ambiguity around Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities. Significant improvements in communication between and among all key functional areas with real-time availability of information.  Implementation of a formal Process Change Procedure allows for streamlining processes as well as document control. Three Step Training / Coaching Process assures program reinforcement and organizational alignment around both strategies and process.