Well established Manufacturing Venture / Financing Group wanted to expand into the Bio-Tech Market Segment. There was a need to understand the sustainability of this type of venture capital play.


Using proven methods and programs, developed a Business Case, Analytical Process and Training Program for the organization. Hired Internal Team with requisite technical backgrounds and set up a group of Bio-Tech Subject Matter Experts to support the venture’s activities. Working with several non-competitive groups, secured a highly targeted series of opportunities to review and analyze using the Customized Analytical Processes. Worked with the Internal Team to develop necessary skill set to successfully analyze the opportunities and make a decision as to moving forward for the next steps.


Successfully identified a base of 10 opportunities for further evaluation. Group provided funding for two of the 10 ($25mm). One was acquired by a complementary technology at 5X within the first year post funding and the second proceeded to market with a 15X return to the group by the end of Yr 3 post funding. The program was extended and is currently used by the company.