Developer of high end corneal topographer found an unexplored market niche in tying the diagnostic results to the custom design contact lens market. There were only a few organizations that had the capability of producing these lenses and, as the volume was relatively low, the per-unit costs were high.


Develop Full Business Case and Acquisition Strategy. Business intelligence program indicated that one of the potential suppliers may be ready to divest the CD division targeted as a potential supplier (re-purposing CD Manufacturing to Contact Lens Manufacturing). Approached potential supplier with acquisition proposal that, after several rounds of negotiations, was approved. Moved the equipment to the US and completed the Regulatory process. Implemented a creative Leaseback Program allowing the organization to place a large number of units with low impact to cash flow and high return on outcome / material sales. Training Program was developed for Company Sales Team and Customers that significantly reduced the time to program implementation in the field.


Program allowed for the placement of over 1,500 units in the first year and an additional 2,800 units in year two post launch. The Company also implemented the custom lens program in a large number of sites having competitive corneal topographers through establishing a separate revenue stream program for the Ophthalmologists. This allowed the optimization of the equipment and expanded awareness and professional recognition for the company.