Leader in High Intensity UV eyeglass lens production had developed a table-top manufacturing unit appropriate for the Ophthalmologist office allowing them to effectively compete in the “glasses in about an hour” eyeglass market. While well established in this market, needed to develop a Business Case, Marketing Plan, Sales / Customer Training and a Financial Plan that would not impact Free Cash flow of the organization.


Develop Full Business Case and Global Strategic Plan for the company. Implemented a creative Leaseback Program (Reagent Rental) allowing the organization to place a large number of units with low impact to cash flow and high return on reagent sales. Training Program was developed for Company Sales Team and Customers that significantly reduced the time to program implementation in the field.


Program allowed for the placement of over 3,000 units in the first year and an additional 6,000 units in year two post launch. CEO stated it was the most successful launch in his experience and, without the drain on cash flow, allowed his organization to move more rapidly toward the global implementation of the program.